What does a CRO actually do?

the rise of the revenue officer

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Sales Fact of The Day

80% of calls go to voicemail, according to a piece of research by RingLead. The same research recommends that 18-30 seconds is the optimal voicemail length.

What is… a CRO?

CRO sorta sounds like an insurance policy, or maybe a new Acura sports car model.

But, CRO actually stands for Chief Revenue Officer.

A CRO’s job sounds simple. Get more revenue.

However, a CRO doesn’t sit on the phone all day calling new customers and pressing confirm on million-dollar FB ad campaigns.

So, what does a CRO actually do?

The CRO sits across sales, marketing, and customer ops to manage and grow the company’s revenue. They unite the full customer process from sales outreach and marketing to customer experience and retention.

At startups, CROs are mainly focused on gaining traction whereas larger company CROs are finding new ways to maximize efficiency, lower marketing spend, and increase retention.

They’re like the offensive coordinator of the business world.

While the head coach (CEO) is in charge of the entire team (company), the CRO calls the plays to bring home the revenue. 🏉 = 💰

A CRO is similar to a VP of Sales, but they have different responsibilities:

While many CROs start in Sales, others start their careers in Marketing, Customer Ops, and even Data.

Since CROs are responsible for a lot of different functions, they have to be skilled in multiple areas.

Here are a few traits top CROs possess:

  • Vision. CROs need a clear vision of a company’s future revenue sources and levers for growth. Without a clear vision, creating a great strategy will be hard.

  • Data. Some CROs come from a data or engineering background because they need to understand company data and act on it so to allocate capital properly.

  • Leadership. CROs need experience growing teams and cultivating culture. They can’t just be an amazing salesperson and they can’t just be an amazing marketer or data nerd. They need to be a leader.

And it’s a good time to get familiar with this role…

Because according to LinkedIn, Chief Revenue Officer is the fastest-growing job title in the U.S.

The way that businesses buy is changing. The idea of separating sales, marketing, and customer success is becoming outdated and CROs are here to save the day.

Sales Tip of The Day

Turning off email tracking can increase deliverability.

The only metric that matters at the end of the day is reply rates. Too many companies are focused on open rates and if someone viewed their email.

Stop being a stalker and get more replies.

Sales in the News

Sales Weapons of The Day

Cool Jobs at Cool Companies:

Checking in on our LinkedIn Influencers: Tell em’ it’s expensive.

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