What is a Remote Closer?

Inside the World of Inbound Sales Mastery

Have you gotten Facebook and Instagram ads about the opportunity to become a remote closer and make a bunch of money, but don’t even know what a remote closer is? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s cut to the chase and dive right into what a remote closer is and how you could become the sales superstar of tomorrow.

The ABCs of Remote Closers: An Introduction

First off, what is a remote closer? In the simplest terms, a remote closer is a sales position that closes inbound sales opportunities, typically for high-ticket products.

Imagine this: You’re at home, sipping your favorite coffee, and log onto your first sales call of the day. You spend the next 30 minutes convincing a client why they should buy your product, and finally close the deal. After you send over the contract and payment link, it’s almost time for your next call. You jump on your next call, but this time the client isn’t budging, and won’t buy your product. You hang up the call, but you’re not worried… because your next sales call starts in 2 hours.

That's the life of a remote closer.

Setting Appointments

The lifeblood of a remote closer's role revolves around inbound sales opportunities. But you’re not out there hunting down clients; instead, they come to you, thanks to the efforts of an appointment setter. These setters are like your warm-up act, getting the audience ready before you step onto the stage.

The Numbers of Remote Closers

On a typical day, you can expect around around 4 to 6 sales calls.

Since most remote closer positions get paid 100% on commissions, a full calendar = full pockets.

An average remote closer role will pay 10-15% commission on every sale. This 100% commission pay structure makes remote closers very valuable to companies since there is very little upfront investment required to hire remote closers, and they only pay when new sales are closed.

Depending on the product being sold, a remote closer can expect to make around $8-10K a month. Not too shabby, right?

A Day in the Life: The Nitty-Gritty

Let's zoom in on a typical day. You’re not just making calls; you’re building relationships. Each conversation is a step towards understanding a client’s needs and tailoring your pitch to match. Your goal? To transform curiosity into commitment (aka, sales) ensuring each client feels they’ve made the right choice.

The Skills You Need

What does it take to excel? The gift of the gab can help, but that's just the start. Top-notch communication skills, empathy, a knack for understanding client needs, and the ability to overcome rejection are the ingredients for success. You're part psychologist, part strategist, and all salesperson.

The Path to Becoming a Remote Closer

So, how do you hop on this train? Typically, a background in sales helps, but it’s not impossible without one. You can start by applying for open roles on sites like LinkedIn and UpWork, but for the best roles, you should be proactive. Reach out directly to the companies you’re interested in becoming a remote closer for, and ask if they have any openings or plan to hire in the future.

Sales is all about persistence and taking swings, and the process of finding a remote closer sales job is no different.

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