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Wolf of Wall Street Style TikTok Video Goes Viral

what does Axe Elite sell?

Picture a high-school football locker room but with a twist of corporate America, and you’ve got yourself a viral video.

A video featuring a group of young sales reps went viral this week and if we’re being honest…. I kind of love it.

The video shows a group of 20-something-year-old sales guys celebrating one of their co-workers closing a deal over the phone.

It’s been posted from multiple different social media accounts (including our own) and racked up millions of views.

And after watching the video we’re left with so many questions…

What do they sell?

What company do they sell for?

How big of a deal did this guy just close?

Immediately I thought this had to be life insurance sales, but I needed to find out for sure. So we did some digging and found the answers.

It turns out the original video was posted from an Instagram account by the name of “axe_eliteusa”.

Their Instagram bio says they’re a “tech-enabled telecommunication & marketing organization that has been in business for close to a decade”.

But what does that mean?

Isn’t every business “tech-enabled” these days? Any business that uses a computer or smart phones is technically “tech-enabled”.

So we clicked on the link in their bio, which brought us to this landing page.

They have a “Rise of the Entrepreneur” YouTube channel, a link to their Instagram, and another YouTube channel. Looks like a sales funnel to recruit sales reps.

But, what do they sell? I have no idea.

So it was time to hit the internet to finally answer the question.

I found axeeliteusa.com, and it’s exactly what you’d expect.

Their homepage says they are “The Most Powerful & Elite Sales Organization In The World”.

Scrolling down the page a bit, I also found that they offer a “luxury” car bonus for anyone who reaches the Sales Director level. Which means they’ll buy you a BMW or Mercedes if you become a Sales Director.

If that doesn’t scream “Multi-Level Marketing” I don’t know what does…

It’s clear they’re recruiting sales reps to sell highly commission-based products, but it’s still a mystery as to what they’re actually selling.

So I clicked on their “partners” page and finally found what I was looking for…

A list of phone carriers that they work with. Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.

They’re a 3rd party reseller for phone carriers.

Aka, they sell phone services.

Which brings us back to the original video…

What kind of phone plan did this guy sell that led to this celebration?

I’d really love to know.