Is AI coming for your sales job?

Y Combinator is like the Kardashians of the startup world.

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Sales Fact of The Week

Using ROI language in a cold email decreases success rates* by 15%.

Y Combinator’s 23’ Class of Sales AI Companies

Y Combinator is like the Kardashians of the startup world.

They pump out billion-dollar superstars like it’s their job (because it is…).

Notable alumni include companies like Stripe, Airbnb, Coinbase, & a ton more.

And they just released the list of 272 companies that made it into their 2023 winter class.

The winter class includes 17 B2B Sales Software start-ups of which 8 include “generative ai”. (aka, powered by GPT-3).

YC 23 Generative AI companies by industry.

Engineering took home the majority of AI startups while Sales came in second.

What this means: AI is likely to become a normal part of every sales cycle in the coming year. From cold email sequencing, prospecting, real-time meeting insights, and updating Salesforce. Think of AI as your 24/7 personal assistant that doesn’t take your commission, and allows you to book more meetings & close more deals. But it’s not gonna take your job (yet 🙃).

Wanna see the 17 sales tech companies that made the cut?

Sales in the News

  • Corporate Bro releases the Sales Are Dope web series. The comedy features a Sales team at a Series-A tech startup in San Francisco.

  •, an Oahu, Hawaii-based net revenue retention A.I. platform for B2B businesses, raised $5.2 million in funding led by Struck Capital.

  •, an AI-powered go-to-market platform acquires DecisionLink, a customer value management software.

Sales Weapons of The Week

  • Bubbles - Eliminate 38% of meetings with quick back-and-forth videos

  • CleanPresenter - Give better-looking demos and presentations. Puts your demo on a clean wallpaper without any distractions.

  • 8 Cold Call Techniques recommended by Entrepreneurs

Cool Jobs at Cool Companies:

Some Inspiration From LinkedIn Closers

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