How To Get Your Sales Team Fired Up

Jerry Jones and Steve Ballmer used their sales skills and enthusiasm to make billions

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Good Morning. Under a new bill proposed in California, sending a work message after hours could soon cost employers a $100 fine when reported by employees. But it's hard to say what's worse: the dread of seeing your boss's name pop up on your phone at the dinner table, or the thought of your next 1v1 after you've reported them for it. 😂 

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How To Get Your Sales Team Fired Up

You know that famous scene in The Wolf of Wall Street?

The one where Leo and McConaughey are pounding their chests while humming a beat.

Well… that’s what today’s topic is all about.

We're talking about the fine art of getting your sales team pumped up and ready to run through a brick wall (or just make more cold calls).

We went back into the archives and found an ancient HBR article from 2009, breaking down the techniques that two sales legends used to energize their teams.

Billionaires Jerry Jones and Steve Ballmer know how to get a team pumped up, and also happen to be world class salespeople. Jerry Jones was known to personally give the sales pitches when selling the luxury boxes in the Cowboys Stadium, and Steve Ballmer is known as one of Microsoft’s most notorious salespeople.

Although introverts and ambiverts can make for great sales reps, a wound-up extrovert can be a great leader to get a sales team pumped. Here’s what we can learn from them.

1. Something Bigger 🌍️ 

Whether they admit it or not, sales reps want more than just money.

They want to be a part of something bigger.

Humans have a natural desire to want a legacy, and the best leaders understand this. Pitching a vision of ‘something bigger’ can work to inspire both sales reps and customers.

If you want to get someone excited about a new product, paint a picture of how it’s going to change the future, and how the individual can play a role in making that future a reality.

When Jerry Jones talks luxury suites, he's not just selling a space; he's selling a piece of Cowboy history.

2. Address Concerns Head On 👊 

The best leaders address the elephant in the room.

Rumors of layoffs or PIPs can wreak havoc on a sales team’s morale, and acting like nothing is happening will make it worse.

Leaders who address the negatives head on (even when it’s painful), build trust with their team.

When possible, leaders can find the positives in the negative news, and use them as a motivator for the team. In the case of a team re-org, a manager should address negatives like team downsizing or commission structure changes, while also discussing the opportunities it will bring for reps to level up or earn more.

As Steve Ballmer said: “In bad companies, good news travels fast, and in good companies, bad news travels fast.”

3. Never Too Good To Sell 🗣️ 

Nothing says ‘I believe in us’ quite like seeing a leader in the trenches, fighting the good fight alongside everyone else.

When a sales team sees their leader selling or doing the ‘dirty work’, it sends a message that their leader is the real deal, and no one is too good to be selling.

Warning: Too much enthusiasm kinda sucks…

Enthusiasm is like salt. The perfect amount will make food taste amazing… but too much will ruin it.

We all know that one manager or rep who’s over the top enthusiastic, and just feels annoying. Remember to give yourself a reality check.

Do you prefer an energetic or even keeled sales manager?

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Sales Tip of The Day 💡 

If you want to include ‘hope all is well’ in your cold email, try adding it to the end, instead of the front.

Hey Bob,

I saw your LinkedIn post about expanding your sales team and wanted to reach out because I have 2 reps that would be a perfect fit. Cool if I send over some more info?

Hope all is well!

Adding it to the end can act as a pattern interrupt from the typical emails they receive and also flips the script by making the ask upfront.

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