Which company has the best Sales team?

RepVue's best sales orgs for the first half of the year

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Sales Fact of The Day

Opening a cold call with “Did I catch you at a bad time?” drops your chances of booking a meeting by 40%.

Are these the “Best” Sales Teams in the World?

The Film industry has the Oscars.

Sports has the ESPYs.

Music has the Grammy’s.

And now Sales Teams have the “Reppy’s”. 

Last week, RepVue announced The World’s Best Sales Organizations for the first half of the year.

The award was given to the top sales organizations in the first half of 2023. They were measured on factors such as culture, leadership, professional development, compensation, diversity, and overall employee sentiment.

Let’s take a look at the overall winners 🏆:

  1. Atlassian - Team collaboration software.

  2. Augury - Health diagnostics software for machines.

  3. Carolina Handling - Forklift sales & service center.

  4. Drata - Compliance automation software.

  5. Flockjay - Education platform for sales teams.

According to RepVue, the winners were selected from more than 20,000 companies tracked on their platform.

RepVue relies on employee-reported feedback to build their ratings and used the company ratings to rank the winners.

In theory, this system should work like this:

Happy employees = High RepVue Score

Unhappy employees = Low RepVue Score

Since the Reppys is based on employee-reported data, it’s hard to fully trust the ranking system. Still, a company with happy employees is a positive signal in a market with more horror stories than a Stanley Kubrick film.

It also means, a company could have the best sales team in the world, but since their employees don’t report it on RepVue, we don’t know.

As a wise man once told me “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”.

On another note…

If you’re looking for a new job, I’ve got good news.

87% of the winning companies are hiring on their sales teams. You can check out the full list here.

But before you go…. let us know if you think a different company should be on this list. 👇

Sales Tip of The Day

Keep track of your customers that move to new companies.

If they loved your product at their previous company, they’re likely to be a champion for it at their new company.

(If they hated your product at their last company, you probably want to skip this one….😂)

Sales in the News

Sales Weapons of The Week

Cool Jobs at Cool Companies:

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