60+ of The Best Sales Memes For Salespeople

Funny sales memes to make your team laugh and get motivated

Welcome to The Follow Up’s collection of the 60+ best sales memes that are guaranteed to brighten your day and give you a good chuckle! In the high-stakes, fast-paced world of sales, sometimes all you need is a hearty laugh to break the tension and keep you going. From the hilarious struggles of chasing sales commissions to the relatable quirks of sales contests, our curated selection of funny sales memes captures the essence of life in sales with humor and wit.

Whether you need a pick-me-up during a tough sales cycle or just looking for the perfect response to your sales teammates, these memes are the perfect solution. Let’s the 60+ of the best sales memes of 2024!

Table of Contents

Sales vs Marketing Memes

The feud between sales and marketing is a staple at every company. Both teams rely on each other to bring in new business, but they also like to blame each other for missing quota. Here’s some funny sales vs marketing memes to lighten the mood.

sales leads meme
marketing sales leads vivek meme
marketing sales leads meme
marketing vs sales meme
marketing vs sales maury meme

Sales Contest Memes

A sales contest is a great way to get a team motivated and pump up sales activity. But just make sure the prize is something the sales reps want…

BR sales contest meme
sales manager sales contest meme

Sales Career Memes

Like any career, a sales career has a lot of pro’s and cons. You have the opportunity to make a lot of money, but you’ll also deal with stress, bosses, and BS. Here’s a few sales career memes that sales reps can relate to .

sales closer meme grant cardone jordan belfort
work in sales meme
senior sales person meme
sales interview meme
sales training meme
sales lead ghosting meme

Sales Call Memes

If you’re in sales, you’ve been on a sales call. Even as technology advances, selling through the phone is a channel that will never go away. Here’s some sales call memes that every sales rep can relate to.

tiger woods big dog sales meme
sales pricing meme
calendar invite no show meme
sales call calendar invite meme
sales zoom call meme
cold calling Michael Jordan meme
blind prospect sales meme

Sales Manager Memes

The leader of the sales team. If you’ve been in sales for a while, you’ve probably experienced a good sales manager, as well as a bad one. Here’s some memes that both sales reps and managers can relate to.

sales manager meme
sales manager instagram meme

Sales Pipeline Memes

A sales pipeline is one of the most important things in a sales perso’s life. A good sales pipeline is the key to hitting quota. But a bad pipeline can be a touchy subject. Here are some sales pipeline memes to help lighten the mood when it’s time for a pipeline review.

Kevin james sales me
sales pipeline meme
sales pipeline spongebob meme

Sales Follow Up Memes

Following up is a necessity in sales. The difference between winning a deal and losing it, can often come down to the amount of follow ups. So for all of The Follow Up masters out there, here’s some memes you can relate to.

sales follow up mem
sales follow up bowling meme
sales follow up sting ray meme
sales follow up red button meme

Sales Commission Memes

Every sales rep’s best friend. The money we get paid for closing deals and bringing our company new business. Here’s some memes that every sales rep who earns a commission can relate to.

sales commission taxes meme
inbound lead sales meme

Sales Meme Motivation

It's time to get amped. Sales is all about closing the deal, but sometimes that takes a bit of motivation. Here’s some funny sales motivation memes to send to your sales team.

david beckham sales meme
sales rep hitting quota sports meme
grant cardone meme
linkedin sales job meme

Outbound Sales Memes

Where 'just checking in' emails are an art form. We smile & dial and send out cold emails like it’s our job (because it is). Here’s a salute to every outbound sales rep turning calls and emails into deals and commissions.

kardashian sales meme
zuckerberg sales meme
sales ghosting meme
taylor swift sales meme
soccer sales meme
leave me alone sales meme
spider man sales meme
not interested sales meme
red flag sale meme

Funny Sales Cold Email Memes

The foundation of outbound sales, and a true art form. Crafting an email so engaging, even the spam folder feels honored to receive it. Here's to hitting 'send' and hoping for the best.

the office sales meme
unsubscribe sales meme
cold email sales memee
take me off your list sales email
uno reverse card sales meme
unsubscribe sales meme
no interested sales email
wrong name sales meme

Funny Sales Quota Memes

Where 'end of quarter' feels like the playoffs. Quotas are just numbers... very important numbers that decide if we keep our jobs or not.

sales warm leads meme
sales quota meme
no one wants our product sales meme
new comp plan sales meme
laugh at prospect sales meme
competitor sales email
Desantes Sales meme
dog sales meme

Funny Tech Sales Memes

Where the term SaaS is used daily. Tech sales is a great place to start a sales career, make a lot of money, and also deal with the typical corporate BS. Here are some memes that every sales reps selling tech can relate to.

clown sales meme
docusign sales meme
don't need your product sales meme
sales engineer meme
mass email sales meme
golf sales meme
sales engineer demo meme

And that’s a wrap on the 60+ funny sales memes. Whether you're in the trenches of cold calling, navigating the maze of tech sales, or racing toward your next quota, it's important to remember that a little humor goes a long way in keeping the spirits high. Sales is a challenging career, but it's also filled with opportunities for laughter. So, the next time you're feeling the pressure, take a moment to revisit these memes, share a laugh with your team, and remember: in the world of sales, a good sense of humor is just as valuable as a closed deal.