Why People Respond To Emails

Finding the magic middle that want to respond to your emails

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Good Morning. Taking a high commission sales job can feel like you’re taking a risk and betting on yourself - but it’s totally legal. But earlier this week, Jontay Porter of the Toronto Raptors showed us how not to bet on yourself after he received a lifetime ban from the NBA for gambling on his game performances. A lesson learned the hard way… 🏀 

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A Secret To Getting Email Responses

Every day we send dozens (or even hundreds) of emails.

But the gut wrenching reality is that only 1% to 3% of emails are replied to.

Does it mean our emails suck?

Not necessarily (but also, maybe). We all want immediate replies to our emails. But, there’s a deeper science behind why people respond.

To break down this mystery, let’s take a look at The Chet Holmes Pyramid.  Chet Holmes was a legend in B2B Sales who could break down sales into a science.

His pyramid gives us an idea of the percentage of buyers at each stage of the buying journey.

Source:  Chet Holmes International

What This Means:

Only 3-10% of potential prospects are immediately open to learning more about your offering. And even that feels like a stretch…

The bottom 30% know they’re not interested.  No matter what you do, you’ll likely never convince them.

That leaves the middle 60%. Aka, the magic middle

These people don’t think they’re interested or they’re not thinking about it. 

But guess what? They’re secretly open to learning more.

They’re like that shopper wandering through a store, telling the shop owner that they’re ‘just looking’. No intention to buy, unless something speaks to them…

The 1st Rule of Follow Up:  Never Send a Naked Message

Every follow-up email needs to add value.

A great way to add value is with videos or links to a digital sales room where they can learn more about your offering.

Video allows you to stand out from the crowd and show a lil’ personality. 

Think of them as a 1-2 min sales pitch. They save you and your prospect time and act as a pattern interrupt to all of the other cold emails in their inbox.

Using video in a cold email has been shown to increase open rates by 16%, increase reply rate by 26%, and increase bench press by 100lbs.

The 2nd Rule of Follow Up: Determine Interest

Sending a video makes you stand out and it also lets you capture someone’s interest. 

Most video tools will give you the data on each video to see if someone watched your video, for how long, and even if they forwarded it to others in their org.

Based on those stats, you can see where someone is in their buying journey. 

Are they not seeing the video at all?
Are they watching but not replying?
Are they watching and replying?

Based on their behavior from the video, you can decide on the next steps.

It’s important to note that recording videos takes time and should only be used on high-value prospects. Time = money.

Are you using video in your emails?

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Sales Tip of The Day 💡 

When you’re running a discovery call, try echoing your prospect’s answers to get a deeper insight.

You: How much time do you think you’re wasting on this right now?Prospect: I’d say we spend over 10 hours on this issue every week.
You: Got it, so you’re wasting about 10 hours every week on this right now…?

Repeating their answer back will confirm that you've understood their point, and encourage them to provide additional details or corrections.

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