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2 hot takes from a billionaire

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Sales Fact of The Day

1 in 4 sales leaders identified their main goal for 2023 as up-selling or cross-selling existing customers.

Source: Hubspot

Looking For a Sales Job?

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Marky-Mark with another blog post about sales relations.

That’s right. Today, we’re bringing you content from none other than Mr. Marky Mark Cubano.

You may know him from Shark Tank or as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

But there’s another thing you should know him for: Blogging.

We’ve spent hours reading through Mark Cuban’s early 2000s blog posts and made a few observations.

Mark loves sales. He attributes his ability to sell as one of the top reasons he’s been successful in business.

Mark loves winning. Whether it’s closing big deals or winning the NBA Finals, this guy does not like to lose.

Mark is one of us. He’s a salesman at his core. When starting his first company, Mark wrote “every hour of the day that I could contact a customer was selling time and when customers were sleeping, I was doing things that prepared me to make more sales”.

Mark has built, ran, and sold a bunch of companies in his career, so it’s safe to say he’s done some interviewing and hiring.

In a 2007 post, Mark highlighted two tips for getting a job. (Although he doesn’t specifically say sales jobs, it sure feels like he’s talking about sales jobs.)

1. Don’t worry about having the perfect industry background.

Mark’s inbox is flooded with emails asking for advice on finding a job. Since he owns an NBA team, most of those questions are geared toward jobs in the sports world.

Because of this, Mark actually titled this first tip “Don’t major in Sports Marketing”, but we decided to make it more generic.

Sales isn’t much different from one company to another. If you’re a killer sales rep at an HR software company, you’ll be a killer sales rep at a marketing software company.

The most important thing to remember is the customers. The more you understand the customers of a specific industry, the more value you bring.

Mark even says, if you really want to work for a sports organization, you shouldn’t spend time learning about sports organizations. Nope nope nope. Instead, spend your time learning about a sports organization’s customers.

You’ll provide a lot more value to an organization if you can tell them things they didn’t know about their customers than tell them things they already knew about themselves.

2. “If you can sell, you can get a job – anywhere, anytime”

If you can sell, you can find a job. Point. Blank. Period.

Doesn’t matter what industry it’s in or where it’s at. People are always looking for revenue generators.

But I know what you’re thinking… How do you just be good at selling?

We all have the image of the salesperson who can smooth talk their way into a 6 figure deal. But Mark says it’s not the smooth talker or the hustler who is the best salesperson.

In Mark’s experience, the best salesperson:

  • Is the one that customers trust and never have to question.

  • Knows that every cold call brings them closer to helping someone.

  • Takes immense satisfaction from the satisfaction their customers get.

  • Wakes up early, excited to come to the office and get on the phone and let people know exactly why they love their product, their job, and their clients.

I ain’t gonna lie to you. When I heard the last one, stalks of corn started growing on my computer… but he’s right. The best salespeople truly care about the customer.

Mark says, “Every single person on this planet can learn to be a great salesperson” because sales is in everything we do. From the negotiation at the dealership to our communication with our partner and resolving conflicts in public.

So if you’re truly a good salesperson, and looking for a job, the first thing to sell is yourself (to the hiring manager).

This is no different than selling a product to a customer who needs it.

You’re selling an awesome salesperson to a company that needs one.


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Sales Tip of The Day

When a prospect joins a call, they’re expecting to learn about your product and be sold to.

This is an opportunity for a pattern interrupt.

“How are you?”, “How’s the weather there?”, etc.

“So before we begin, what do you like to do for fun outside of work?”

I know it can feel uncomfortable at first, but the key is to ask the question from a genuine place.

You’re not asking to use it against the prospect later.

You’re asking to genuinely get to know and understand the person on the other end of the line.

Sales in the News

  • Microsoft wants your sales reps to have an AI copilot.

  • Leaked pay data from Google shows hows much their sales reps are making with base + bonuses + equity.

  • A pool salesman is accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from customers he sold pools to, and never built them.

  • From Reddit: Passed the $100K mark. Thank you sales!

Sales Weapon of The Day

RepVue: See how much sales reps are making at other companies, and how many are actually hitting quota. Rate your own company, and get access to everything. 100% free.

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