Sales Lessons From Nick Saban

How he sold players on coming to Alabama

Good Morning. Yesterday, Chipotle announced they’ll be hiring 19K new workers for their peak ‘burrito season’ (March through May). They also announced new benefits to help employees pay off student loan debt and access free mental health care. With no quota’s to hit… it doesn’t sound like a bad gig for ‘burrito season’. 🤷 

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Sales Lessons From A Coaching Legend

You probably know Nick Saban as the most successful coach in College football (who recently retired).

He’s won more National Championships than any coach in history, and never ended a season with a losing record. The guy knows how to win.

Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

- Nick Saban

But coaching football wasn’t always his plan.

In a 2014 speech, Saban said: "Every car dealer I know wants to be a coach. I always wanted to be a car dealer”. Before getting his first coaching job, Nick Saban planned to become a car salesman.

Now that he’s got some more cash in his pocket, he’s become one (kinda). As co-owner of the Dream MotorGroup, Nick Saban is a part owner of 6 car dealerships (Mercedes, Infinity, and Ferrari), which reportedly sell over 22,000 new cars every year.

Although he might not be selling cars on the lot, he’s mastered the art of sales in his coaching career. He’s convinced some of the best football players in the world to play for him at Alabama. Year after year.

So today we’re diving into 3 sales lessons we can learn from Coach Saban. 👇️ 

1. Sell the Outcome 😃 

A leaked video revealed the pitch Saban used to convince recruits to play for him.

In the pitch, he says: “We got more guys drafted than any school in the country. We had 64 guys playing in the league last year, the next school had 41.”

The dream for most football players isn’t to just play college football. Their goal is to get drafted to the NFL (and make millions of dollars).

Rather than sell the player on why Alabama is an awesome school, he sells them on how Alabama will get them their dream outcome (the NFL).

The same goes for pitching a product or service.

Don’t sell your prospects on how awesome your product is.

Sell them the outcome they want. And the outcome you’ve achieved for other customers.

2. Use Qualification To Your Advantage 🔍

In his pitch, Saban tells recruits, “I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you if you couldn’t play here.”

He lets the player know that he’s already pre-qualified him, and wouldn’t be wasting his time if he wasn’t a good fit.

As salespeople, we usually want to sell to everyone. (You know what we’re talking about). We don’t have people knocking down our door to become customers, so it’s easy to get overly excited at the first sign of interest.

However, strict qualification on your prospects can be used to your advantage. Similar to Saban’s pitch in the recruitment video, sellers can say things like: “I wouldn’t be reaching out or talking with you right now if I didn’t think we could help you achieve xyz.

But if you’re going to use this tactic make sure it’s actually true.

The better your product, the easier this is.

3. Focus on The Next 7 Seconds ⏳️ 

We all want the big deal or the massive commission check.

But you don’t get those by focusing on the result. You get them by focusing on the inputs.

Rather than telling his players to focus on winning the game, Saban tells them to focus on the next 7 seconds (the average duration of a play in football). When they focus on doing everything correctly for each 7-second play, it adds up to winning the game.

❌ Hit quota.
✅ Make 60 cold calls every day.

❌ Earn six figures.
✅ Reach out to 5 new people every day.

What is your favorite sales lesson from Coach Saban?

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Sales Tip of The Day 💡 

Did your prospect tell you they think your price is too high?

If so, ask them why they think that.

🔴 Your pricing seems high.
🟢 Thank you for letting me know that. Could you tell me more about why you think that?

This allows the prospect to explain their reasoning. From there, you can uncover the real issue.

Is the perceived value too low? Do they not have budget? Etc.

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