Stop Your Cold Call Fear with Zig Ziglar

3 tips to get over your cold call reluctance

Good Morning. According to a new report, office building vacancies just hit a record high as more companies shift to fully remote. To the brokers selling office space right now, we salute you. 🫡 

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Stop Cold Call Reluctance With Zig Ziglar

In the world of sales training, Zig Ziglar is one of the greats.

He started his career as a cook wear sales rep and became one of the biggest names in self help and sales training.

Not only did he make people feel warm and fuzzy inside, but he’s also referred to as one of the greatest salespeople of his generation.

So when he give’s advice on cold calling, we’re all ears.

If you’ve ever made a cold call, you know the feeling of call reluctance.

Finding 100 things to do instead of picking up the phone. We’ve all been there.

So today, we’re bringing you Zig Ziglar’s top 3 tips for overcoming cold call reluctance.

Let’s dive in. 👇️ 

1. You’re There to Help 🤝 

Selling is a transference of feeling. If you transfer the feeling that you must make the sale for your benefit, the chances of making the sale are greatly reduced. If you transfer the feeling that you want to make the sale for the prospects benefit, your chances for success are dramatically increased.

-Zig Ziglar

Selling is not about you as the sales rep. It’s about helping a prospect solve their problem or find a solution.

So when it comes time to make the cold call, Ziglar says you should stop worrying about the fear of rejection, and shift your focus to how your call will benefit the customer.

If they’re not interested, it just means they don’t need your help right now.

Mindset = shifted. 🧠 

2. The Experimental Syndrome 🧪 

Since call reluctance usually stems from a fear of rejection, Ziglar says you should treat every call like an experiment.

Not a do-or-die situation.

Viewing calls as an ‘experiment’ allows you to learn from every customer interaction, and detach your personal feelings from the outcome.

You will keep a chart of all people and all responses. When you approach the prospect, instead of taking the negative reaction as a personal rejection, simply note on your chart exactly what you observed.

This approach causes the prospect's actions to have minimal effect on your concentration and puts the focus on the experiment.

Zig Ziglar

‘Sales rep’ is out.
‘Sales scientist’ is in.

3. A Regular Schedule 📆 

When all else fails, consistency is king. 👑 

Ziglar says you need to make an appointment with yourself at the same time every day (or at least every weekday). Use that time to focus solely on cold calling, nothing else.

Its a simple concept, but it works.

And if you need a different type of motivation, try gamifying your cold calling streak with a free app like this streak tracker.

What is your favorite method to overcome cold call reluctance?

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Sales Tip of The Day 💡 

When a prospect asks “where’d you get my information”, be honest with them.

🗣️ I was researching companies that are similar to our current customers, and came across your LinkedIn. From there I just did a search to find your number.

Start out the relationship with honesty.

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Checking in on LinkedIn 👀 

Is this the future? 🤖 

Sales Meme of the Day

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