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Happy National Matchmaker Day! If you think about it, salespeople are like the matchmakers of the business world. We “connect” buyers with products they need. Sometimes in an aggressive way. 😆 

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  • Mimicking your prospects 🤔 

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Sales Fact of The Day

77% of B2B decision-makers say they’d rather meet with vendors via video than on a phone call.

Source: McKinsey

Mimicking your Prospects

Ever had a conversation where everything seems to click?

The energy is great.

It flows naturally.

And at the end, you sort of feel like you know the other person now.

These are the types of conversations we strive for in sales. Buttery smooth. 🧈 

But we all know the feeling of hanging up the phone after a conversation that felt like stubbing your toe on the corner of a table.

So how do we avoid those rough conversations?

With a tactic called: Sales Mirroring.

When used correctly, sales mirroring can be the secret weapon to building rapport with prospects in a fraction of the time.

So as your no b.s. sales bestie, we’re here to tell you what it looks like, and how you can start using it.

Let’s dive in. 👇️ 

Sales mirroring is about subtly copying your prospect’s behavior, in a natural-feeling way.

The behavior is split into 3 main areas:


This is all about voice and energy.

  • Hi this is Jeff, how’s it going!

  • Yea this is Jeff, what do you want…?

Even though you can’t hear the audio, I bet you read those two sentences in a different tone.

Mirroring tone requires matching the energy of your prospect to get on the same level with them.

If you cold call a prospect and they answer with high energy, match their high energy. But if they answer with a calm tone, don’t overwhelm them.

Get on the same level and you’ll have a better chance of building a connection.

Communication Style:

People get along with people who speak the same language.

I don’t mean English, Spanish, or French… I mean, they like communicating with people on the same wavelength.

And we already know people buy from people they like.

So you gotta understand your prospect… do they want to hear about the background of your company, or do they just want to learn about your product’s features?

Craft the conversation to the topics they care about (price, feature, etc.), not what you planned to speak about.

Mirroring communication style takes intense listening to understand what the prospect is really interested in.

When done right, a mirrored communication style can make a prospect feel understood.

And when they feel understood, they feel like you have their best intentions in mind, and that trust goes a long way in closing a deal.


Finding common interests is the golden rule for building rapport.

With the power of the internet, it has become exponentially easier.

Before a call with a prospect, do a Google or LinkedIn search for them, such as: “{prospect first name} + {the state/town they live in}”.

Your job is to find something about them that you find interesting, and most people don’t ask them about.

Once you find it, try opening your call with something like:

Hey Jeff, so I see here you’re the president of your town’s running club. Tell me more about that… how’d you get involved?

This will get them talking about something they actually like, which will build rapport and help them remember your conversation.

But make sure it’s something you’re actually interested in talking about.

And don’t be too much of a stalker… 😉 

Which is your favorite mirroring method?

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Sales Tip of The Day

Want to know what your prospect is really thinking? Then stop talking.


Silence is your friend in sales, but it feels awkward for most people.

When you answer a question for a prospect or share an important piece of information, stop talking immediately after.

Prospect: So what is the price?

You: We charge $5,000 for this package.

Prospect: *silence*

You: *silence*

Prospect: That’s more expensive than I was looking to spend if I’m being honest.

On the other hand, they could tell you it’s much cheaper than expected.

With enough silence, the prospect will feel a natural urge to talk about what you just said and tell you what they think about it.

Sales in the News 🗞️ 

  • The top 5 reasons why salespeople make great business leaders.

  • A Google AI researcher left the company to build the best AI co-pilot for salespeople.

  • A sales manager requires his sales reps to have a six-pack, or they’ll be fired.

  • Sales leaders who push for more dials, but don’t answer cold calls themselves.

Cool Jobs at Cool Companies

Chart of The Day 📊 

Where to find your prospects 👀 

Source: Hubspot

Sales Meme of the Day

And that’s a wrap!

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