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McKinsey Reveals the Top 3 Ways To Sell More in 2024

The sales tactics that B2B companies are using to sell more this year

Good Morning. According to a new report, employees who made the switch from a remote job to an in-office job last year saw a 29.2% pay bump. Maybe in-person jobs aren’t so bad after all. 👀 

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  • 3 tactics of top sales teams 💰️ 

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3 Sales Tactics of The Best B2B Sellers. According to McKinsey

McKinsey & Company is one of the largest and most prestigious consulting firms in the world.

Like most massive consulting firms, everyone’s heard of them, but nobody really understands what they do.

And while we’re still not really sure what consultants do, they’ve got some pretty sweet insights on B2B sales.

McKinsey recently released a report on 3 strategies that top B2B sales teams are using to hit quota this year.

And more importantly, the specific things you can implement.

Let’s take a look. 👇️ 

Multi-Channel Sales 📱 

Back in 2017, about 20% of companies preferred to make buying decisions digitally. Today, that number is close to 67%.

From the selling side, businesses used an average of 5 channels to reach customers in 2016, and today they use more than 10.

But the best sales teams don’t just add more channels to their sales process. They keep all of the channels synced, so buyers and sellers don’t lose context.

For example, let’s pretend you meet a buyer at a tradeshow, and they later submit a contact form on your website. Without a record of the tradeshow meeting, the contact form looks like a brand new lead that discovered your company organically. No bueno.

Why does this matter?

Because companies that get this right and offer a smooth transition across channels are seeing a 13.5% increase in profits compared to those that don’t.

Updating your CRM might be a pain, but it really works…

More Inside & Hybrid Sales 🌍️ 

Fun fact: inside sales reps can reach 4X more prospects at half the cost compared to outside reps.

The report estimates that roughly 80% of customers can be handled by an inside sales team, while 20% of the largest customers will still require an in-person or hybrid sales rep.

We’ll likely see most field sales roles turn into hybrid sales roles over the next few years, as buyers care less about meeting with a sales rep in person, and reps can cover more accounts behind their computers.

Sales Automations 🤖 

30% of sales tasks can now be automated.

Imagine jumping off a call and your call notes are written and added to your CRM, and the follow up email is already drafted. Sounds incredible, right?

The best sales teams are automating these annoying manual tasks that most reps do every day, allowing their reps to put all their effort into selling.

According to the report, sales teams that have figured out automation have cut costs and increased revenue by up to 20%.

And now this is sounding like a sales pitch for automation… 😂 

Which tactic is your favorite?

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Buyers Want You to “Show” not “Tell”

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Sales Tip of The Day 💡 

When you get hit with an objection, try using the feel, felt, found method.

I completely understand why you feel that way.
Most of our customers felt the same way before they started using us.
But what they found was that our service...

This language needs to be changed to what you sell, but the framework applies to almost every objection.

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Remote Sales Jobs 💼 

Checking In On Linkedin

What are the odds…? 🤣 

Sales Meme of the Day

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