Mark Cuban's Cold Call Script

The Sales Script Used to Sell Mav's Season Tickets

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Good Morning! Yesterday's NYSE glitch had Berkshire Hathaway shares briefly trading at a 99.9% discount. But for anyone who thought they bought a $627K stock for $185, the NYSE announced they canceled all trades made during the glitch. Looks like we’ll be keeping our sales job… Which reminds us. Warren Buffet also started in sales, which means we’re basically on the same career trajectory… 😁 

In today’s Follow Up:

  • Mark Cuban’s Cold Call Script ✍️ 

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Mark Cuban’s Cold Call Script

Here at The Follow Up, we’re no strangers to a good Mark Cuban sales lesson. 

So yesterday, when I stumbled upon this Mark Cuban sales script, I knew it needed to be shared. 

Mark Cuban famously bought the Mavericks in 2000 for $285 million, and at the time, well… they sucked. Like, really bad. 

They had just been voted the worst sports franchise of the 90’s, and ticket sales were at an all time low. 

And just like every major sports team, the Mavs had a sales team that hit the phones to sell out their season tickets and large ticket packages. 

In a 2017 interview with Mark, he talks about walking into the sales bullpen - and instead of going to set up his desk in some fancy corner office, he put his desk right in the middle of the bullpen and hopped on the phones with the sales reps. 

Like any good rep, he started with a list of previous season ticket holders (aka, warm leads), and started dialing. 

Here’s the script he used:

Mark: “This is Mark Cuban, the new owner of the Dallas Mavericks. I know you've been to a game and I just wanted to sit here and tell you, we'd love to have you back.”

**The opener contains the 2 things that every cold call should. 1) It lets the prospect know who he is and 2) why he is specifically calling THEM. He also leans into the fact that he’s the owner of the team, which couldn’t hurt…

Prospect: “*Some objection about why they weren’t interested.*” 

Mark: “But, did you know that going to a Mavs game is less expensive than eating at McDonald's or going to the movies? And you'll get a unique experience that you'll never ever experience anywhere else.”

Prospect: “Yea, but the Mavs suck…”

Mark: “Do you remember when your mom or dad first took you to a game?”
Prospect: “Yeah.”
Mark: “Do you remember how you felt?” 
Prospect: “Yeah.” 

Mark: “And, do you get that going to McDonald's, or the movies…? We create special experiences. I can't guarantee you we're going to win or lose, but I can guarantee you we're going to make the entertainment.

So when you look at your son or daughter's face, you will be thrilled to death and know that you couldn't get that experience anywhere else. Oh, and it's $8 a ticket.”

Boom. Deal = closed. Maybe… 

Mark admits that selling during that first season was rough.

They didn’t have a great product (aka, a losing team), but he realized he wasn’t selling the basketball team, or how good they were.

He was selling an outcome. 

In order for the sales team to hit their numbers, they needed to sell the experience & outcome a season ticket holder would get, rather than how good the team was that year (aka, the features)

And the better the team (product) got, the easier it was to sell.

Does your sales script focus on features or outcomes?

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Sales Tip of The Day 💡 

If you’re familiar with the College or high school your prospect went to, bring it up!

A study found that win rates increased by 8% when Alma Matter was mentioned.

And just like that, we’re big fans of whatever school our prospect went to. 😅 

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Sales Meme of the Day

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