How to write better as a Salesperson

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Happy Relationship Renewal Day (time to reach out to those prospects you’ve lost touch with).

In today’s Follow Up:

  • The best sales writing is simple writing ✍🏼

  • Sale tip of the day 🧠

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Sales Fact of The Day

A personalized "p.s." on a cold email results in 35% more replies

Why simple writing is the best writing

Good writing is a cheat code to better thinking, better speaking, and better communicating.

But most salespeople ≠ great writers.

The reason?

School brainwashed us to write like boring, corporate robots.

We were raised to write:

  • Long essays with outrageous word counts

  • Fancy words we don’t know

  • Complex sentences with a bunch of “and’s” and “butts”

Good writing isn’t having the highest word count in the class or using cute words. It’s communicating your ideas clearly, and persuading people towards your argument. (And it’s simpler than you think).

Here are 5 simple tips you can use to level up your sales writing:

  1. Write like you speak. Sometimes I talk to myself before writing something. If it sounds good out of your mouth, it’s going to read well on the page.

  2. If you have to look up a word in a thesaurus, don’t use it. This isn’t Scrabble. Keep the fancy words to yourself.

  3. Less than 25 words per sentence. Remember, simple is better.

  4. Write at a 5th-grade level. Writing at a 5th-grade level increases readability. You can use the Hemingway app to check your writing level. Have I said simple is better yet?

  5. Hand-copy good pieces of writing. Yep, I know it’s weird. But it’s the best way to learn. Take a pen & paper, and hand copy the best pieces of copywriting you can find. Read → write → read → write → remember.

Let’s do a quick sales email example.

Instead of saying, “Hi Buster, As a CEO I thought you might be interested in finding a better way to prospect, pitch, and close clients. The Follow Up is a modern newsletter and sales enablement solution that provides easy-to-use sales strategies to accelerate your sales career.”

Say, “Hi Buster, looks like you’re focused on scaling your sales team right now. I just came across a newsletter you might like called The Follow Up. It keeps you up to date on B2B sales news and tips so you can book more deals.”

You see the difference?

Here are 3 resources you can study use to practice (copy by hand) to get you started.

Sales Tip of The Day

Find your wins 🏆

When you’re having a bad day (or quarter) and everything feels like it’s going against you, sometimes you gotta take your silver linings.

A prospect bailed on your meeting? Hey, you got a win by booking the meeting. Gatekeeper didn’t let you through? Hey, at least you learned something new about the company.

Keep stacking little wins.

Sales in the News

Sales Weapons of The Day

  • Palette - Let’s sales leaders automate commission payments and customize commission plans

  • Rattle - Let’s you manage and update your Salesforce in Slack or Microsoft Teams

  • Sales Navigator tip that will 5x your pipeline

Cool Jobs at Cool Companies:

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