What to do: Following Up After the Interview

Closing an interview isn't much different from closing a sale.

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What to do: Following Up After The Interview

According to the Bureau of Labor, over 300K people were hired last month.

Whether that number is true or not, the market seems to be shifting back to hiring mode. And as hiring ramps up, so do job interviews.

Now picture this…

You just showed up to interview for a sales job at your dream company.

You smashed every question they threw at you and asked a bunch of insightful ones, like what makes a successful rep on their team.

You even closed them at the end of the interview by asking, ‘Based on our conversation and what you’ve learned about me today, are there any concerns you have with hiring me for this role?’

Now, it's the waiting game… But hey, the best reps don’t just wait for things to happen - they get active!

The Thank You Note ✍️ 

The post-interview outreach is a chance to follow up, disguised as a thank-you note. In the game of sales, it's all about the follow-up, and closing an interview isn't much different from closing a sale.

A Custom Thank You

Start with a genuine ‘thank you’ for their time. Be specific, and mention details from the interview that will remind them about your conversation.

Hi Bob - Thank you again for your time yesterday. I had a blast hearing about the story of closing your first deal at {company}, and your vision for the sales team over the next 3 years.

Follow Up on Any Missed Answers

Nerves can get the best of anyone, and you might not have nailed every answer during the interview. Use the thank you note to add any thoughts or details you might have missed.

After I jumped off the call, I kept thinking about the question you asked about my favorite deal I’ve worked on. I gave the example of the XYZ deal, but wanted to provide some additional context about why it’s relevant to your product offering…

Sign Off

End your note with a personalized sign-off, and make an assumed ‘close”.

Thanks again for your time yesterday, and I look forward to hearing back about next steps.

Get Creative

When everyone zigs, it’s time to zag.

In this case, you can assume your competition will also send a thank you email. So, the best way to stand out is to be different.

A Video Thank You

Instead of a basic email, record a video of yourself thanking the interviewer and talking about why you’re excited about the role. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point- just like a good sales pitch.

LinkedIn Voice Note

If you’ve been interacting with the hiring manager on LinkedIn, a voice note can be a great pattern interrupt to what they’re used to. It’s quick, direct, and adds a personal dimension that text usually lacks.

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Sales Tip of The Day 💡 

Try opening your sales calls with the phrase: ‘How have you been?’

Hey John, this is Bob calling for the Follow Up. How have you been?

A study showed that using the phrase resulted in a 6.6X increase in success rates because it acts as a pattern interrupt and implies that you’ve spoken with them in the past.

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