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Google is Changing The Ways Salespeople Use Email

Everything you need to know about Gmail changes...

Good Morning and International Day of Tolerance! Today we pledge to tolerate our acquaintances on the marketing team (even if they send us ice cold leads and show up to the office at 11 AM). 🙃 

In today’s Follow Up:

  • The Gmail update that everyone’s talking about 📫️ 

  • A cold call objection tip 🗣️ 

  • Sales news across the internet 🖥️ 

  • 4 new remote sales jobs 🤑 

  • LinkedIn sightings & a meme 😂 

Google is Changing The Ways Salespeople Use Email

Outreach sent a warning email to their customers this week, and sales gurus are losing their minds… 🤯 

If you didn’t see the email… Here’s the gist:

  • Google and Yahoo are rolling out changes to reduce spam emails.

  • These changes will start on Feb 1st, 2024.

  • Organizations sending >5000 emails/day will be marked as "bulk senders”, and require extra authentication.

  • Bulk sender emails will be blocked by Google and Yahoo if their spam/abuse rate is .3% or higher.

But this update isn’t just for Outreach users… it’s for everyone using email to sell.

And since 80% of buyers prefer to be contacted by email, it’s kind of a big deal.

What This Means for You

In the simplest terms, Google is tightening the reins on mass email senders. If your company is sending over 5,000 emails a day (we're looking at you, marketing 👀 ), you're now labeled a “bulk sender”.

*Aka, almost every company with over 100 employees*

This isn’t a big deal, it just means your company needs to go through extra authentication to prove they’re legit.

But wait… there's more! If your emails get marked as spam or abuse at a rate higher than 0.3%, Google will send your email into the abyss. This means if you send 1,000 emails and 3 get marked as spam, you’re officially at .3% and put on Google’s naughty list.

The days of blasting 500 emails with the same template might be behind us…

But it’s not all bad news.

The Good News

Now let’s look at the bright side…

With fewer mass emails in your prospect’s inbox, there’s less noise to cut through.

Sales reps who take their time to send highly targeted and personalized emails will win. Lazy reps who only blast mass emails will be the losers (you know who you are 👀).

What to Do Next

If you only send personalized, one-off emails, there’s no need to change what you’re doing. But if you’re sending any type of templated emails, you need to be careful.

The Basics…

Personalize: This seems obvious, but it’s the best way to stay out of spam. Show your leads you did your research, and have a good reason to reach out.

Targeting: More than ever, it’s important to target the right leads. Only send to the correct titles, companies, locations, etc. If you’re targeting accountants, but sending emails to doctors, don’t be surprised when your emails end up in spam.

Spintaxing: This is that {first_name} thing you see when a sales rep screws up a cold email. When done correctly, spintax allows you to personalize emails at scale. Use things like {company_name}, {location}, and {job_title} to personalize your messages.


If you still want to send mass emails (without ending up in spam), here’s how to do it….

1. Multiple Domains: Buy multiple domains that re-direct to your company domain. Under each new domain, create 2 email inboxes.

2. Warm-up Those Domains: Plug your new emails into an email warm-up tool to get them “warm”. After 2 weeks, they’re ready to use.

3. Less is More: Aim for under 30 emails per day from each mailbox (or 60 per domain).

4. Start blasting: Use an automated email outreach tool to spread your emails across your new domains. The more domains you own = the more emails you send.


  • Email for salespeople isn’t going anywhere.

  • Google is making changes to reduce spam emails in inboxes.

  • Less spam emails in inboxes = less noise to cut through.

  • Salespeople who put in the effort to target and personalize will win.

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Sales Tip of The Day 💡 

When a prospect tells you it’s not a good time, try using the “too soon” response.

🗣️I understand this week doesn’t work. Can I follow up in 3 weeks, or is that too soon?”

When you ask the prospect if it’s too soon, they’re likely to tell you the reason why it is or isn’t too soon, so you can use that information in your follow up.

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Sales Meme of the Day

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